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PostSubject: Application   Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:43 pm

If you're interested in joining, please fill out the following application and send it to one of our leadership and member reference.

Be aware of the following rules/information before applying:
1) Communication and forum use IS required.
2) Coordination and team work IS required.
3) Yellow and Red dots will be kicked, farmed, and chiefed.
4) All sitters must be Shady Lane members and each account must have at least one in-alliance sitter, regardless of dual status.
5) We do NOT accept farms period.

Please note that short answers to this app will not put you in a good light. Provide well thought-out responses so we may gain a full understanding of your playing style and best evaluate you. Answers of "yes" do not tell us you want to join us.

1. Please provide a link to your profile:

2. Do you consider yourself an offensive player, a defensive player, etc.?

3. Do you agree to follow the alliance rules above?

4. Please list all duals/players on your account. Provide names (pseudo or otherwise), times on, and experience

5. If accepted, how do you feel about setting a leader as a sitter temporarily so they can take a look at your village defenses to ensure you have adequate troops/defense?

6. We require all members to locate all future villages in our cluster/stronghold area. What are your thoughts on this?

7. Are you (or have you been this round) in another alliance? If so, why are you leaving? (Please make sure to reference each alliance you've been in this round and provide details why you left.)

8. How much Travian experience do you have?

9. Are you a gold user? If so, please include how much you typically use.

10. Why do you think joining us will benefit you?

11. Are you being farmed? By whom, how regularly, and how much do they gain? Are you doing something to remedy this? If so what?
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